On a global scale, Ecodelogic believes the internet is responsible for high levels of energy waste and environmental pollution. Therefore, we try to make a difference by striving towards maximal sustainability in every step of our production process. At Ecodelogic, we take pride in reducing our carbon footprint, which is why we offset our energy usage by calculating the usage and donating to organizations like and

Why Green Host with Ecodelogic

  • Sustainability

    Whether it’s small, simple websites or more elaborate setups, green hosting and sustainability is an integral part of the Ecodelogic foundation. Within our company, sustainability will always be part of our ecological DNA. At Ecodelogic, we have a full team of employees who dedicated themselves to provide the “green” in “green hosting.”

  • Internet Freedom

    The internet is a free and open digital space and is under pressure every day. Ecodelogic looks at the internet as a medium for accessing information, a platform for partnerships, and a forum to express and form opinions. The shared information on the internet should be safeguarded. Our company strives to play an active role in several projects regarding digital security and human rights; by sharing knowledge, and supporting partnerships.

  • Data Privacy

    Today’s society brings complicated questions about digital privacy. Data has become a valuable resource. Ecodelogic values data privacy and will go above and beyond to protect our client’s data on our green hosting platforms. With the ever-evolving digital landscape, Ecodelogic believes it’s imperative for us to stay critically aware of new developments and open to new opportunities. Ensuring data privacy is one of our company‚Äôs focal points and will remain that way throughout our decision-making process.

  • Why Consider Green hosting

    Website hosting servers draw a lot of energy from the grid. Majority of that power comes from non-renewable fuel sources. An individual server produces 1,390 pounds of C02 in a single year. There are millions of servers worldwide, and growth in web hosting is expected to increase by 400% over the future.

  • On Pace to Surpass Jet fuel Pollution

    Currently, the airline industry contributes approximately 3.5% of international climate modification. By 2050 the airline market is expected to increase over 5% of global climate change. Digital technology is growing much more quickly and is on pace to exceed 3.5% of our global climate change by 2020 and will most likely add a 5% increase to our environmental landscape before 2025.

  • You Can Make the Right Choice

    When you’re developing a new website or hosting a site that already exists, it’s important to remember what kind of impact you will have on our environment. Whether you realize it or not, YOU HAVE A CHOICE! You can choose to host your website with an eco-friendly web hosting company such as Ecodelogic. With our company, your website’s carbon footprint could be decreased, negated, or even reverse the carbon footprint that your website has left.

  • Stick to a Green Web Hosting Provider

    Your choice is essential when it comes to leaving a positive carbon footprint in our world. You may be deciding between various green hosting companies, but Ecodelogic is the most dependable and eco-friendly hosting solution. If you’re creating a new website or considering switching over to an environmental hosting provider than Ecodelogic is the right choice for you. Our company takes pride in contributing to the reduced impact a website can have on the environment.

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