We chose the name Ecodelogic not only because it sounds cool, but it’s an adaptation of a goal that we have as a company. Being ‘ecological’ in nature means that we are constantly looking for the best ways to take care of our world and ensure that it’s around for generations to come. With this goal in mind, we make sure that every action we take is working towards that better world, that stronger world. Even the smallest thing, such as using digital forms, can make a difference. However, is it realistic to be entirely digital, or have no waste whatsoever, especially in a technical environment? While we strive for it, we will likely have moments where we cannot be completely ecological, but we do attempt to give back what we take.


Giving Back What Was Taken

Utilizing some of the most accurate calculators and technologies available to us, we can track anything that we do that may not fall within the realms of a 100% “green” company. When we so much as print on a piece of paper, our calculator can tell us just how much of an impact that will have. Once we have this information, it is our goal that we will take it and repurpose it to give back to the world.

By planting a tree, cleaning the beaches, picking up litter on the side of the street, or assisting in the breakdown of recyclables, we can continue to give back to the world that has given so much to us. Every action and every item has a value, and by keeping track of where we fall on the spectrum, we can maintain the balance that we wish to achieve.

Our Carbon Footprint

We take pride in trying to maintain a net zero carbon footprint and want to encourage all businesses to try and find a similar solution for themselves. Carbon neutrality doesn’t mean cutting the cord entirely from emissions or waste, but it does suggest that you take the initiative to try and counteract that which you caused.

If you’re interested in ways to either give back or reduce your existing carbon footprint, there is a calculation tool that we’d love to present you. This tool can help track not only what you’re taking out of the planet, but you can see just what you need to do to put something back in.

No one can claim ownership of the world; we all exist here together, so we do not say that it’s “our world and we need to take care of it.” Instead, we like to believe that this world needs to be taken care of so that it can be here to witness the next stages so that it can live on long after all of us, and provide a bounty to future beings.