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​​Do you have an idea for a new program that could potentially turn your whole industry around? What about an application that you feel could be mass-marketed to a broader audience? These ideas are great, but finding a team who can help turn those ideas into reality is the critical component.

Our team of developers can take even the smallest idea of a grand concept and turn it into a reality.


Of all software development companies in Florida, our organization has more development experience than mosts other organizations in the state. With over 50 years of combined web development experience, we have provided solutions to companies of all sizes. Our software applications expertise spans the spectrum from simple contact forms to complex industry-specific CRM Systems.

Having a custom software system for your company accomplishes multiple objectives that ultimately will make your business thrive:

  • Your business will perform more efficiently because operations are not shoe-horned into an out-of-the-box CRM that is bloated, wherein you don’t even use all of the components.
  • You don’t have to use existing components of a CRM and the “rig” how it functions.
  • You don’t have to worry that you don’t own your own data.
  • You don’t have to worry about the nightmare of moving your data if you ever decide to leave.
  • You can add any custom components you want.
  • Best of all, as it has happened with clients of ours, the system evolved so much you may even get to a point where you license it to other businesses.
  • Having your own system will not only add inherent value to your business but also dramatically increase the value of your business when you are looking to sell.

We work with you to develop all of your custom software needs. This includes all aspects of the development life-cycle:

  • Discovery
  • Concept Documentation
  • User Experience (UX)
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Wireframing
  • Core Development
  • Testing
  • Beta Release / Full Release
  • Versioning
  • Maintenance

Whether we program a unique solution for you from scratch or develop a system utilizing existing applications, we are able to brainstorm a solution with you.

Contact us to discuss any of your specific application development needs.

Enterprise Software Development That Delivers

It is our goal to enable your business to transform and scale to get a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our software design experts will work with you to diligently to create a system that delivers the necessary functionality to grow your business to the next level. We pride ourselves in our ability to innovate and build tailor-made solutions that will fit your needs. More so, we will assure your software system is scalable and agile to continue to evolve in a fast-changing business environment.

Leverage our expertise to deliver a system that will launch your digital transformation. A unique solid system will enable enterprise automation of complex operations. You can structure your workflow exactly as you wish while managing your staff remotely.

Managed Software Engineering Built on a Budget

A build a top-grade full-cycle software, it is important to assure the system is agile enough to adjust at a moment’s notice. This is one of the reasons we try to build all solutions in a modular framework. We like to compare it to the construction of a building. Whether you are looking to build a one-story family home or a 100-story skyscraper, you need to assure you have a foundation that can grow to virtually any size.

In-house Financing Options

Regardless of your project size, we work with clients with all types of budgets. As we are part of a larger family of companies, we even have an in-house financing department that allows you to forge ahead with your system development while arranging a longer-term payoff.

Contact us for our in-house financing options.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance drives user satisfaction. Regardless of the type of user in a system, it is imperative that the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are designed in a manner that assures the highest level of quality at all stages of the user process. With this in mind, we take QA very seriously. Whether you have just launched version 1.0 in Beta, or have rolled out multiple versions in the last year, our QA team works diligently with you to assure the Is are dotted and the Ts are crossed. Here are a few examples of how we accomplish that:

  • Every application has a user feedback area in which they can comment, complain, report bugs, make suggestions, etc. An interface of this nature assures the shortest time to find issues with any system.
  • While artificial intelligence has made incredible strides, it is still artificial. Nothing beats a human from testing a system and providing candid feedback. That is why we advocate for all clients to run through extensive user testing prior to any launch.
  • The best people to test a system are those who have no idea what it does. Only then can you assure your software is intuitive.
  • The go through multiple phases of testing. First, we test in-house with our own engineers and our own team. Second, we ask you to test the system or system updates. Third, we recommend having an independent group of users test the system. Fourth, we roll out the system in Beta, before you have a final launch.

Development Staging for Quality Assurance

We always stage all development aspects, even the smallest change. We have been developing software systems for over 15 years. During this time we have learned what to do and what not to do. Unfortunately, we have even learned it the hard way. It is for that reason, that we always stage all development. We do not make any exceptions to this. Our system environments are the following:

  • Main live site. For example
  • The password-protected testing site. For example,
  • The development site. For example,

Types of Quality Assurance Testing

There are numerous types of tests we will go through as part of the QA process. These types of tests include:

    • Security testing
    • Usability testing
    • Functional testing
    • UI testing
    • API testing
    • Load testing

System Versioning

Any quality system needs to be built in a versioned environment. The reason for that is multifold. First, you want to keep track of your updates as they roll out. This assures you can troubleshoot if unexpected issues are popping up, allowing you to tie the problem to a specific version.

As most systems will run in web browsers, you’ll want to monitor how your software system behaves in specific browser versions. If a browser has an update and it causes issues with your software, we will want to cross-reference the browser updates to attain a faster solution to a problem.

System integrity protection is unfortunately also an issue to consider. While all of your data is being backed up, you’ll want an additional layer of protection for the functionality of the system. Unfortunately, we have witnessed disgruntled employees attempt to sabotage software systems. Thus we want to assure our clients have the peace of mind that every precaution has been taken to assure this won’t happen to them.

On-Going Maintenance & Support

When you hire us, we don’t view our work scope with you as a one-time job. We view all of our clients as long-term partners who depend on us to provide them with a rock-solid solution to grow their business. Whether you simply look to us to help you fix bugs, or whether you require a complete solution including tech support,

Ecodelogic can provide you with the services you need.

Once launched, our clients tend to join one of our maintenance plans to assure their business keeps running as efficiently as possible.

Back-up and Data Management Services

All of our clients are offered the option to have us manage their back-up and data maintenance for the long-term. No one will be able to do a better job to manage your data, than the engineers who built the system that houses your data. With this in mind, we work with many of our clients long-term assuring their data is protected as much as possible.

A Solution For Every Need

Whether you need a portal system for clients and vendors, or you’re looking to develop an entirely web-based system that will streamline a business, our developers can help to create that from the ground up. We can integrate existing APIs or program a solution out of the ground to give you the desired result.
Want a program that can run a remote analysis of hundreds of data points? We’ve got you covered. Want an enterprise system to help automate businesses? We’ve got you there too.

Having a great web-based application will allow your users to see your business and the application from any device. It does not need to be downloaded like a conventional software application. This means that these applications are more flexible, providing you with a greater ability to roll out updates and patches, making its functionality that much better.

We understand you may not have a background in programming, so we’ll use our years of technical experience to help you develop a comprehensive web-based plan. We’ll work closely with you to listen to your goals and objectives to help you build a sound strategy.

Mobile App Development To Drive Your Software

Similar in function to our Mobile App Development services, the ability to create custom software for mobile phones allows your systems to be remotely accessed and integrate seamlessly with your hub. Whether it’s online or offline (like the Desktop Applications), we can create a mobile app that communicates with your systems in whatever way you want. Alternatively, if you want to create a fun game that exists entirely on its own, we’ve got that too.

There’s no better way to get the word out about your company than by introducing a mobile application that works with your system. This means that you can customize your options depending on what your business or your customer needs. 

Leveraging an Interconnected World

The organizations embracing the fact that we are all becoming more and more interconnected, are the organizations that will thrive into the future.  As organizations begin to build more custom applications, out-of-the-box systems will fall to the wayside.  It is inevitable, but time always forces innovation.  As the saying goes, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.”

We can also develop Real-Time Applications to provide in-the-moment data, as well as Big Data Applications that can process and delve deep into a massive program, so there’s no end to the systems that we can create. Let us help you in developing the next great software piece for your business. We create everything as cutting edge as possible so that your software is relevant in an ever-changing world. The future is more and more digital, so having something for as many people as possible can mean a huge difference.