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We provide you with a dedicated developer on a part-time or full-time basis for a flat fee.  The developer is managed by us, ten hours included each month..  All development time is tracked and reported back to you.

This approach tends to lend itself the most to projects where we join midstream, the project needs on-going development or pieces of the project need to be figured out during development. 

It also allows the budget-minded customer to pick between part-time and full-time development costs. This approach is very transparent.

By The Project

We provide an initial “top-level” estimate. If this estimate is within a price range you are willing to consider, we provide a more specific quote based on project specs. Project specs are generally developed by us during the blueprinting process.  This includes:

Discovery Meeting

Concept Documentation

Developer Documentation

UX (User Experience Documentation)

This blueprinting work is billed on retainer.  Upon completion of blue[printing we provide you with a hard quote for the project.  Upon acceptance of this quote, we begin the development process of the project.

This approach lends itself to the development of new projects that have a clear development path created.

On Retainer

We provide work on retainer.  This is an alternate option to hiring a developer part-time or full-time.

This option tends to be best for clients who need on-going work done, but require work to be done by programmers with different skill sets.


We provide work on an hourly basis. 

 Usually clients only select this option for minor, quick fixes that don’t require much planning or development time.