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Mobile Apps Pricing:

Mobile App development pricing can vary widely depending on the magnitude of the project. However, to help you get a better understanding of the potential cost involved, we have provided a pricing outline of average costs below:

Initial Discovery
No Charge
Planning / Concept Doc Creation
Avg. $1500
Blueprinting / User Interface Mockups
Avg. $350/Screen
Core Design & Platform Setup
Avg. $1250
Programming of Screens
Avg. $750/Screen
Programming of Web-App Management System
Avg. $3000
Launch / App Store Submission

*Prices exclude custom app functionality.

App Pricing Examples:

To illustrate the potential cost further, we are providing three App pricing examples for your convenience.

Pricing Example A
A simple appointment app for a Nail Spa.
5 page screens
Standard User login
2 User Roles
5 Data Connections
15 Device Validations
1 communication feature
Cost: $8,800
12 Month Payoff: $754/month
Pricing Example B
A private school app providing student grades to parents.
8 page screens
Standard User login
3 User Roles
5 Data Connections
15 Device Validations
1 communication feature
Web-based Admin Panel
Cost: $14,700
12 Month Payoff: $1225/Month
Pricing Example C
A restaurant app allowing patrons to make reservations, book online and partake in a rewards program.
20 page screens
Standard User login
3 User Roles
10 Data Connections
15 Device Validations
2 communication features
Web-based Admin Panel
Data Encryption
Payment Gateway
Real-time data import
Cost: $34,300
12 Month Payoff: $2858/Month

Free of Charge:
Generally, we include features such as search, user feedback system & social integrations at no charge. The programming of these features tends to be fairly uniform and therefore does not require an extensive amount of work.

App Customization:

At times, an App may require custom features. A few examples of such work is listed below and will require additional information to formalize a quote:

  • Pulling data from third parties. For example Google maps integration for directions.
  • Push notifications & Bluetooth integrations
  • Payment Gateway integrations such as Quickbooks, Paypal or
  • Custom calculations or data. For example, a mortgage calculator that updates rates daily.
  • Custom Reports
  • Collection of sensitive data such as credit card information or social security numbers.
  • Augmented reality. For example, changing the color of a car by dragging a color swatch onto the image of the car.
  • Interactive Community wherein the app communicates with the same app on other devices.
  • Device feature integration such as using your phone’s camera to save photos into the app.
  • Advanced search features & QR/Barcode scanning
  • Advanced security / Data encryption
  • Interactive designs and animations
  • Advanced User-feedback systems

Ongoing Costs to Anticipate

  • Hosting of Admin Control Panel
  • App Maintenance

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Business CRM Pricing

Our Business CRM is designed with the small business owner in mind.

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Custom Programming Pricing

Our programming team can work with you on a retainer basis or on a “per Project” basis. The choice is yours:

On Retainer

Consider hiring us On Retainer when you are looking to establish a long-term relationship to develop a piece of software or engage in a maintenance agreement.

The main benefit to hiring a company on retainer is the ability for the same programming team to work on your project. This eliminates a new programming team having to learn your system each time. You tend to save time.

By The Project

Consider hiring us By The Project if you have a finite scope of work that needs to be accomplished. We will work with you to develop a concept doc, wireframe, UI, UX, etc.

The main benefit of hiring a company by the project is the ability for you to control the cost. Pricing will be based on a blueprint which allows you to add/edit/delete items prior to work inception. You tend to save money.

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