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At Ecodelogic, we provide full web application development services, taking charge of the entire process and development cycle from beginning to end. With experience building multiple business solutions, we have devised a comprehensible approach to our development services.

Our team focuses on building powerful and secure web applications. Fully customizable, scalable, and competitive, our developed web applications can be created to take on any challenges your business may face.

Our services include complete design and development, testing, maintenance, and support throughout the entire process. If you have a web application that you would like to modernize or migrate, our team is well equipped to help you too.

Ultimately, our main focus and goal is to work closely with you to create a powerful and seamless web application that can help you utilize your resources and improve productivity.

What is a Web App?

Websites and web apps are different. Web apps are built with two faces: a client face and a server face. The client face is what your customers will see and how they will use the application. The server face is the part that stores and processes the information.

Web apps use a browser and can be accessed from any device. They can be built for different functions, whether for business needs or client needs.


Types of Web Apps

There are two main categories of web apps: static and dynamic.

Static web apps are the simplest type and are usually built using HTML or CSS. However, they can be tricky to modify and edit. All in all, static web apps don’t allow much activity, but they can support simple animations such as GIFs or short videos.

Dynamic web apps can come in many different subcategories. They are much more complex and are usually built with PHP or ASP. Most dynamic web apps are connected to a type of CMS, which makes them easier to modify and update.

One type of dynamic web app is a progressive web application. Similar to a mobile app, these web apps facilitate web access from mobile devices. By following the same architecture rules, progressive web apps help with mobile adaptability and help users even with poor connections.

Other common dynamic web apps include e-commerce web apps, web apps powered by JavaScript, and animated web apps.

Benefits of a Web Application

1. Portability

Web applications are built to be accessed from any device. This makes them extremely portable and accessible. They can even be used with any major operating system such as iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android.

2. Convenient

Since a web application doesn’t need to be downloaded to be used, they’re extremely convenient. Even if some types of web apps do need to be installed, they won’t take up storage space like regular mobile apps.

3. Efficient

Web apps are often created as a way to increase efficiency in the office. They can help organize and streamline work to make data and documents more accurate and less likely to get lost or misplaced. Web apps also keep all information in one easy-to-access place so that no matter where you or your employees are, you can all find the content you need.

4. Secure

Even if web apps are accessible from anywhere, they are extremely secure. As all data is stored remotely, you can access it safely from any device as long as you know your login information and the correct URL. Additionally, lost data can be restored in the cloud should an error be made or something goes wrong.


Our Web App Development Process

Our expert team follows a tried and true development process to ensure all the necessary steps are carefully carried out.

1. Discover

Our team works closely with your business to discover how you want to build your web application. Once we have a clear understanding of your business’s needs, we help you develop a clear development plan and work out any potential problems we might find.

2. Sketching and Planning

With an idea in mind, we’ll sketch out a rough draft for your web application. This will include any features you want and specific integrations.

3. Design

Once you approve the rough draft, we begin the design process. We’ll work on creating each face and interface so that you can see what your web application will look like. This step will also establish the flow of screens and the order of where each page will lead you.

4. Development

With a complete design in hand, we work on bringing your web application to life. You’ll have updates about the process, and our team will be in close communication with you.

5. Testing and Quality Assurance

After each development phase, we’ll put your web application through rigorous testing and quality assurance. This helps us improve functionality and ensure that your web application will run smoothly.

6. Launch

When your web app is fully developed and has passed all the testing stages, we’ll be ready to launch it!

7. Maintenance

Even though your web app is launched and developed, we’ll be here to help with routine maintenance to make sure your web app continues to function correctly..

Our Services

We offer many services to help develop and boost your web app.

SaaS Apps Development Services: With our SaaS apps development service, our team will build a secure SaaS solution that helps your business meet your customers’ needs better.

Front End Development: We help you create a single-page web app that’s modern and functional. We also have back-end development services that are there to provide scalable and flexible solutions.

Progressive Web Apps Development: Rather than using regular apps, we create a browser-based progressive web app that has all the same functions no matter how poor of a connection you have.

E-Commerce Web Apps Development: Whether you’re looking for an e-commerce web app or a business-to-business platform, our team can build it for you.

What Does a Web App Development Company Do?

A web app development company designs and develops your ideal web application efficiently and professionally. Since web app development can be challenging for those without the right experience, we ensure that everything is done properly.

Web app development companies provide several services. We plan out your project by following a list of goals you want your web app to meet and deliver accurate project milestones. Our team also creates intuitive UX and UI designs.

Our web application development company will use a set of KPIs to keep your project moving in the right direction during the actual development process. These KPIs may include lead and cycle times, release burndown, MTTR (Mean Time to Recover), and code churn.

A good web application development company will also provide quality assurance and follow specific standards and regulations. They’ll also offer optional integration opportunities so that you can customize your web app to meet all of your business needs.

During the entire process, a web app development company provides ample and consistent support and optimization for your web app, so you’re never on your own if a problem arises.

Differences Between a Web App and a Website

A website is hosted online, whereas a web app is hosted on a local operating system. While a website consists of many pages and uses a web server, web apps are more like mobile apps.

Websites are accessible by everyone unless you limit the accessibility to a private network within your office. This is because the speed at which they load is also directly linked to your connection. On the other hand, Web apps can be accessed even with a poor connection and don’t have to be limited to a specific location to be private.

Is a Web Application Right for Your Business?

Web apps make communication with your clients more accessible and more secure, unlike websites. They can even improve your customer support and give your a competitive edge. They’re ideal for solving unique and specific business problems and providing your workers with the tools they need.

A website is a way to brand your business, but a web app is a way to run your business. A web app will help streamline sales and create a more efficient customer service platform.

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