When it comes to the development of apps and even web-based programs, there are typically a few APIs involved during the process. What many developers will do is utilize pre-existing APIs from one of the many open source markets out there. While this isn’t inherently a bad thing, there are limitations as to what this can do. That’s why we started breaking into the development of custom and unique APIs that we can tailor to fit your every desire.

Handmade Ingredients

Handmade Ingredients

Because we develop entire CRMs from the ground up, it was a natural step to want to develop APIs as well. We usually receive requests for one or two small implementations or communication between two pieces of data that need to be connected. APIs allow for all facets of your process and program to communicate smoothly, which means that the API needs to understand each component that you’re utilizing.

Chances are, there are some current API that may work, but there are likely going to be bugs and implementation issues. When we create an API using your specifications, the bugs are almost non-existent after we implement everything.

Our Services

Custom API

Our solutions develop, integrate, publish, document, deploy, and maintain your APIs because they utilize a robust architecture and security protocol. Whatever your needs are, there is going to be a solution for it.

API Development

Whether it’s for desktop, mobile, cloud-based applications, web sockets, SOA (Service Oriented Architectures), firmware/middleware, browsers, operating systems, or databases, we can develop an API that integrates seamlessly with any of them.

API Implementation

If you come to us with an API or we build it for you, we can assist in bringing it into your already built CRM or programs. Whatever implementation is needed, we can handle for you.

API Testing

Before and after implementation, we test to make sure that all functions of your API are sound and that there are no issues with the program. If there is anything that we find in the process, we’ll rectify that issue and retest until it’s ready to launch.

API Maintenance

We maintain any APIs that we put together and ensure that they are always up to date. If something goes wrong after launch due to an update of any kind, we rectify it as quickly as possible or provide an alternative if there is none.

API development is yet another one of our flagship development services and goes well with almost any other project you may have with us. After all, APIs are used in almost every facet of development; its just reliant upon what level of API is needed. Whether you’re working on a mobile app, or have a desktop program that needs to communicate with another process, we can develop the API to make that flow perfectly and seamlessly. Our ultimate aim is to help automate and grow your business using whatever means we can.