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Developing your own successful cryptocurrency token requires skill and know-how.
Our development team has developed numerous cryptocurrency tokens, built on robust blockchain platforms.

About Cryptocurrency Tokens

Cryptocurrency tokens are unique in that they don’t reside on their own blockchain platform. Instead, they are built on existing platforms and follow certain templates depending on what platform you use.

Tokens aren’t only used as a currency. They can be developed to represent anything: products, rewards, currency,etc.

Within token cryptocurrency, you have dozens of ways to develop your unique tokens. Non-fungible tokens are designed to be secure and unique. You can also develop semi fungible tokens or decentralized non-fungible tokens. Create mintable tokens with an unlimited supply so that you can create or “mint” new tokens as you need.

Within our token development services, you can build on most popular blockchain platforms and create a token wallet and token generator. This makes launching and spending your tokens easier and can be developed however you see fit.

Benefits of Token Development

Why develop your own custom token?
When you rely on pre-made tokens to fulfill your business needs, you’re limited to their pre-programmed abilities.
However, with a custom token, you can benefit from so much more than just an easy way to represent your assets.

1. Branding

Many big-name companies like have developed their own cryptocurrency because it’s so great for branding. Having your own cryptocurrency gives your business a competitive edge and shows customers that you’re a modern company.

Cryptocurrencies allow your customers to choose from multiple payment options, and they may start to see your business token as a more trustworthy and reliable way to complete transactions.

2. Security

Cryptocurrency is notoriously secure. It’s easy to trace and hard to cheat, which means transactions completed with your cryptocurrency are more secure. With your own cryptocurrency in place, you won’t have to track transactions as rigorously as before and can save your business both time and money.

3. Easy Transactions

If your business sees lots of international customers, having an easy transaction process is essential. Currency exchange rates and transaction fees can deter customers from doing business with you. Cryptocurrencies remove this hindrance, though.

With a custom cryptocurrency token, you make transactions easier for both local and international customers. As a result, your customers won’t have to worry about exchange rates, and transaction fees can be very low.

Token Development Process

As we develop your token, you can rest assured that we’re following a quality-based development method. Our team is in regular communication with your business at every step of the process, so you’ll never be left questioning what comes next. To better prepare you for the development process, here’s our step by step process:

1. Consultation

The first step is getting in contact with our team. As soon as you decide to develop a cryptocurrency token for your business, get in touch with us to schedule a consultation. Our team will work to understand your business needs and provide you with some general guidelines as to what you can expect.

2. First Sketch and Design

With your business needs in mind, our team starts on the first rough draft of your token. We’ll sketch out a rough draft for your token design and strategy based on the platform of your choice.

3. Development

Like our sketch? Now it’s time to start developing your token. Our development team takes over to bring your cryptocurrency to life with our trusted development methods. Here, we may discuss with you items such as the front-facing user interface, the administrative interface, as well as any specific design concepts. As part of the token development itself we may determine whether you want to develop a vanity or stable token oh, the name symbol as well as the supply to mount you would like to establish. Additionally we will need to determine what network the token is going to run on as well as the consensus mechanism used to run transactions. Carefully considering the tokenomics, discussions Need to be had about burn functions staking and lock functions will also be part of this development phase.

As far as the wallet development is concerned you will need to consider developing the administrative wallet as well as the individual wallets you’re going to provide your registered users when they decide to purchase your token on your website.

4. Audit, Token and ICO Launch

Any quality token will ultimately have to go through a third-party code audit. Any of the quality swaps out there are going to require this. Therefore we certainly encourage all of our clients budget for a third-party code audit prior to token launch.

Following your launch, as your token gains momentum, you should consider things such as liquidity pools as well as getting your token listed on DEFI swaps such as Sushiswap or Pancakeswap.

Token Development Features

When you develop a custom cryptocurrency token, you benefit from certain features that aren’t available when you use generic cryptocurrencies.

Burnable, Mintable, and Pausable

Custom token development comes with the ability to make your tokens burnable, mintable, and pausable, this is part of the tokenomics mentioned earlier on this page. Burnable tokens mean you can quickly and easily reduce the number of tokens circulating, while mintable means you can increase the number. Don’t want to change the number of tokens, but need to stop circulation momentarily? Pause your tokens.

Only you have control over burning, minting, and pausing your tokens.

Create Caps

With your own tokens, you can put a cap on your tokens to limit someone from creating more tokens than they declared.

Complete Ownership

When you use cryptocurrency tokens for your business, you don’t have full ownership. However, when you develop your own business token, you have complete and total ownership over the tokens. You can mint, burn, and manage your tokens easily as you’re the owner and not simply using someone else’s tokens for your purposes.

A Few Final Thoughts to Consider:

  • Organizing everything in a proper workflow is the absolute key.
  • It is very important to spend a good amount of time on the functionality needed for the smart contracts.
  • The more Nodes the consensus mechanism will utilize, the safer the network tends to be.
  • Whether your token should run on a public or private blockchain
  • How to best deal with Consortium Solutions. Ethereum, Hyperledger, Etc
  • Are physical things being managed? In other words, do we need to consider smart management?
  • Who can see the transactions
  • Who can make the transactions
  • Assure you own all source code.

Why Choose Us for Token Development?

While this is obviously a fledgling industry, we do have the track record of launching successful tokens for other clients.
Give us a call, we’re happy to discuss your individual needs. NDAs are provided upon request.