As a business, your applications need to be running correctly—which means updating your systems, correcting bugs, and adding more features as time goes on. That’s what we do. Whether we developed your web application or not, it’s our goal to help manage your application.

Come to us with any application, even if your original developer doesn’t want to provide further support or updates. We’ll pick up where they left off as your partner. Let us use our experience supporting various web applications to support yours with our skilled and trained team.

Let our experienced team talk to you about the solutions you need and how we can step in with long-term support to keep your app running smoothly.

Why is Web Application Maintenance Important?

You might think your job is done after you’ve launched your app. However, that’s not entirely true. Technology changes quickly, and if you want your app to keep up and remain relevant and attractive to users, you need to continually upgrade your applications to meet people’s expectations and challenge the competition.

Beyond just updates, it’s crucial to fix bugs, add new features, and ensure that your apps fulfill the current technological requirements needed.

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Application Performance

Creating your app is not a one-off episode; it’s an entire process that includes ongoing performance monitoring and updates. Your application needs to be periodically updated to keep performing properly without being slowed down by malware, bugs, or any other operating problems.

Improve the Application

There’s always room for improvement. Think about how your application could be improved beyond its current state. With technology improving all the time, your web application can gain new features that will help it run more smoothly and help your business be on par with the competition.

Prevent Problems

Don’t only bother with web application maintenance when you’re struggling with malware or bugs. To keep your application working well, you’ll want to do preventative maintenance at intervals. This will help us check for any faults in the system, perform timely updates, and ultimately prevent any future failures. By doing this, it’s possible to minimize any downtime for your application.

Types of Web Application Maintenance

Bug Fixing

Every web application will experience problems, and bugs are some of the most common. We fix bugs that result from human error, miscommunication, scheduling problems, security issues or just last-minute changes. Whether it’s a simple bug or something more complex, you can trust us to fix it.


Your web application might be connected to social media, and when those social media sites change their APIs, your application will need to be updated to ensure everything still works properly.

Then there are updates for the web application itself. Improving its overall performance and its security is a significant part of managing your app. The less secure your app is, the fewer people will trust it, which means less traffic and revenue for your business.

New Functions

Add new functionality that your competitors have, or get in front of the competition to improve your web application and solve your users’ problems. We’ll enhance your app by listening to feedback from your customers.

Application Scaling

As your business grows, your web application has to grow with it. However, with more people using your app, your servers might be struggling to support it. That’s why a part of application management is about moving your app to a server that can handle the load, preventing people from leaving your app due to any potential problems.

Monitoring Your Web Application

To keep your web application working well, regular monitoring is required to ensure that any bugs that do appear will be handled quickly and efficiently. Instead of dealing with updates on your own or trying to fix bugs, rely on a reputable and experienced company to monitor your app.
Not only will we monitor your web application, but we’ll monitor your data with backup and recovery services, so you can rest assured that your information is safe.

Why Choose Ecodelogic?

Having worked on software for years, you can rest assured that we have the experience necessary to manage your web applications. This includes applications on the web, on mobile devices, and on the cloud too.

We focus on ensuring that we fully understand your needs as a business. We adopt a client-centric approach which means we care deeply to understand your business goals and help you fulfill them. From the very start, we will work closely with you to ensure that you get the app that you envision—and at an affordable price.

Talk to us about your specific requirements and what types of custom solutions you might have in mind. We’ll be able to keep your development time low, thanks to our years of experience, all without compromising the quality of your software. All you have to do is focus on running your business while we take care of your application behind the scenes.

Why Invest in Web Application Maintenance?

You might think that you can just update your app every year or two, but the fact is that more frequent updates and regular maintenance will do a lot for your app.

For one thing, having small periodic updates will be easier to handle cost-wise. Instead of shelling out a big amount of money for a huge update at once, you’ll only be paying a small bill every month or so.

Also, small updates are necessary when you think about how quickly technology evolves. Often, it’s better to update the application in smaller increments before smaller changes pile up and make the overall update much more complicated.

Your users will also want to see quick changes to problems instead of waiting for improvements to be made over time. To keep users visiting and engaging with your app, it needs to be functioning well. If your competitor’s web application is updated frequently and yours isn’t, people will notice that when they visit, and you’ll potentially lose customers in the long run.

Handling Third-Party Takeovers

Having trouble finding a web app maintenance company to take over your application that other developers built? At Ecodelogic, we are willing to work closely with you for third-party takeovers. Count on our experience to transfer data safely, audit your app’s code, and functionally test your web app so that it works well.

We’ll be able to perform bug fixes and schedule on-demand updates. Trust us to handle backup and recovery too, so if your business is changing hands or if you’re taking on a new business venture yourself, we’ll ensure that all of your data is handled safely and efficiently.

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Call us today and let us help you with your web application maintenance. Besides regular web application maintenance tasks and support services, you can trust us to genuinely care about your business needs and goals while helping you make data-driven decisions.

With years of software development experience and a team of reliable web maintenance experts, we’ll help you fulfill the vision you have for your web app and provide users with the best experience on your application.