What is Cloud Migration?

At Ecodelogic, we tend to look at cloud migration in three ways:

  1. Ecodelogic looks at cloud migration as the process of transferring data, services, and applications from on-premise networks to a cloud platform.
  2. Businesses migrating from cloud to cloud. Ecodelogic notices this with organizations that choose to transfer their email and collaboration tools from Microsoft Office 365 to G Suite or workloads from AWS to Azure or Google Cloud Platform (CCP).
  3. Lastly, Ecodelogic looks as cloud migration as a concept transferred to the cloud. A company may only have an idea to what tool you wish you had, and with our company’s guidance, you can build on that idea.

Businesses also host applications and share those applications and data. That’s just the start of the process when it comes to what needs to be deliberated.

A server migration, depending on its assigned purpose takes planning, planning, and more planning. Although that sounds daunting, only upgrading your server to the next version or new hardware can be exhausting in the long run. Cloud migration services with Ecodelogic open up flexibility for your business. With our services, you can add more processors or memory. There is no reboot or downtime. At Ecodelogic, we provide an orchestrated move to the cloud and help your business decide whether it’s an appropriate decision.

Regardless if you’re transferring hundreds of users or a terabyte of data, Ecodelogic has got you covered. Our company is your fastest solution to move your files from one cloud service to another. There won’t be any downloads, and it’s all cloud hosted and scalable. Migrating entire domains of users with complex permissions can be challenging. Our cloud migration services will assist you in matching who is between a multi-user source and destination and then copy and re-share your data as if it was the source.

The Benefits of Cloud Migration Services with Ecodelogic

Moving to the cloud is strategic and can potentially be critical for a business. You can get much more strategic with your implementation when you utilize our cloud migration services. Once you partner with Ecodelogic, a transition to the cloud can improve:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Increase the ability to integrate

When it comes to cost savings, a lot of companies focus on their up-front costs of software and misjudge their total costs of savings of ownership. These can include support, hardware, administration, installations, and upgrade. With our cloud migration services, many of these can be avoided. Instead, you will pay for subscription levels based on your actual usage of selected cloud services. This gives businesses a level of security, reliability, and scalability that even larger corporations can’t match on their own.

Other benefits of our cloud migration services:

  • Remote access from anywhere and collaboration on-the-go
  • Automatic updating
  • Built-in data storage and technology infrastructure
  • Real-time data and analytics
  • Improved flexibility and responsiveness
  • Broad compatibility with internet enabled devices

This is just the beginning of how Ecodelogic cloud migration services can transform your business. Our services can dramatically reduce your costs on the support and maintenance side, which allows companies to spend more of their money on strategic initiatives and development.

API development is yet another one of our flagship development services and goes well with almost any other project you may have with us. After all, APIs are used in almost every facet of development; its just reliant upon what level of API is needed. Whether you’re working on a mobile app, or have a desktop program that needs to communicate with another process, we can develop the API to make that flow perfectly and seamlessly. Our ultimate aim is to help automate and grow your business using whatever means we can.