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As the world continues to become more connected, so too does the information that we put out online. Whether it’s through a computer program, or input manually, nothing is “safe” without going through the proper channels. These safety concerns are especially valid for businesses or systems that process vital or sensitive information consistently.

By now you’ve probably heard of something like PCI compliance. The PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant standard requires any payment processes to be as secure as possible. Perhaps the most significant component to this is that the raw data is not stored on a local or even remote machine, and cannot be accessed after point-of-sale unless otherwise required. This process is pretty standard. However, what you may not know is that this is all possible because of the development of Tokenization.

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What IS Tokenization?

The simple act of taking sensitive data, be it credit card info, social security numbers, or any other information deemed highly sensitive, and turning it into almost indecipherable and unique strings; this is the true definition of Tokenization. Made simple, it’s packaging up sensitive data into a unique strand of symbols that still holds all of the sensitive data, but is not readily accessible to those who can’t read it.

Tokenization is one of the critical components to Blockchain Development because the process of turning a transaction or pass of information into a block is creating a token for that information. After its creation, that information can only be accessed by those who know what that token stands for; if anyone else were to view it, the information would be indecipherable.

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Why do you need it?

If you are developing a system to process payment, or you’re just looking to avoid utilizing a third-party software to take in sensitive data, we can create a system that tokenizes the data you’re looking to keep secret. Tokenization is applicable for both small and large businesses, and especially applicable for those who are looking to create custom software or online applications. There is no real downside to creating a more secure system. It’s more critical than ever as we are now more connected and vulnerable than we have ever been.



Whether you already have a system in place or are looking to develop the latest and greatest for your industry, we can integrate a tokenization component, and therefore ensure that the data collected stays secure. Currently, there is no method more secure than tokenization, and as the technology changes, we can adapt to ensure that you stay on the inside looking out, rather than the other way around.

For most businesses, this process of tokenization is integrated with whatever systems they already have in place, but not having a system of your own puts you at the behest of the third-party’s security. Having it neatly in your hands means that you are the one who gets to determine just how secure your information is. Let us develop a system that allows your customers/clients/patients to feel as safe as possible, knowing their data is secure.