What is Alexa Skills Development?

A skill is an application for an Alexa-enabled device. This skill acts as an interface between the voice-search and the user. The interface helps users achieve a specific goal without having to use their hands. It’s important to note that even though skills are called Alexa apps, they shouldn’t be confused with the Amazon Alexa companion mobile application. The interface is used to set up Alexa devices, enable the use of compatible services and additional features, connect with smart home devices, and much more.

The free Alexa Blueprints service offers users of Echo devices to integrate them with unique abilities without having to do any programming. The only thing you will have to do is log into the Amazon account that you use for Alexa. The process of creating a skill is very straightforward and user-friendly.

The process starts at the Blueprints webpage. The service offers about 30 “skill blueprints.” These act as templates of the possible capabilities. Some of these capabilities include “Adventure” and “World’s Best Mom.” The majority of the scripts are about fun and games, but the others can at times prove to be extremely useful. For instance, the “Houseguest” would be an excellent option for Airbnb hosts. Airbnb hosts could enable a smart speaker to answer the guests’ questions about the home appliances, house rules, or where they could find things.

How it Works

Each blueprint contains a description, a sample to listen, and instructions. Below is an example if the user was using the “Babysitter” template. Therefore, if you enabled Alexa to help the babysitter or person in charge of watching your child, you would see this.

If an available template doesn’t have the functionalities you want, you have the option to select “Make Your Own.” The make your own services walk you through customizing the script by following a blueprint. The process is straightforward and consists of filling out an online form in three steps. If you were making your own template for the babysitter, you would provide information on your child. This information would include the child’s habits and schedule, any allergies or medications they need, emergency contacts, and any other information you deem essential. After that, you can customize “hello” and “goodbyes” if you wanted. Once you’re done with customization, you will have to give your Alexa app a title. This phrase will be used to activate the skill. Try to avoid using first and last names since Alexa still has a hard time pronouncing names.

In Conclusion

Amazon is constantly integrating the development of voice interfaces for a host of devices around the world. They have also envisioned new practical uses for custom skills. Alexa Blueprints allows a vast amount of Echo owners to make their devices more useful. Alexa skills development lets people create skills in minutes at no added cost. However, people and companies that have programming abilities can do much more. App developers and designers can build their own personal assistants, which could be integrated into any activity. By offering Alexa skills development, Amazon has made customizing its products easier than ever before for its users.