The perennial build vs. buy question continues to haunt businesses who are in search of software solutions. Off-the-shelf software is ready to use once installed on a computer or device. However, you can develop custom software according to specific requirements and specifications. When comparing the two, there is a considerable gap when it comes to terms of performance, functionalities, and usability. Both technologies have their pros and cons, and Ecodelogic is here to explain the difference and which is a good fit.

The Question of Cost

Off-the-shelf products are typically more reasonably priced when comparing it to a custom coded project. Development costs for a company offering an off-the-shelf solution get distributed among a large number of buyers through product licensing. On the other hand, custom software, customized for a client, will vary in price depending on the development expenses for that individual client.

Buying software off-the-shelf gives businesses a better estimate of cost and valuable support. However, in terms of performance, off-the-shelf might not work as well as custom made products.

A lot of businesses underestimate the time and resources required for custom software development and mobile app development. When you hire a developer or firm for custom coding, it’s essential to consider all the different aspects. For example, the development team needs to consider the cost of not just the initial design and build but also testing and implementation costs as well. They also need to consider the lifetime cost required for support, headcount enhancements, patches, and general maintenance. Furthermore, the issue of the expenses for the inevitable functionality enhancements and upgrades also need to be considered.

Which is Easier to Implement?

Custom Coding has become more approachable over the years. Nowadays, programmers no longer spend weeks on ruminating lines of code. The proliferation of open-source code means code snippets are readily available for just about any functionality. Moreover, intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces make it possible to roll out highly advanced applications without even writing a single line of code.

However, these advancements in custom coding don’t mean app development is something to be taken lightly. Coding is just one aspect of the overall app development process. When you decide on custom coding, you need app design, UX design, testing, and other critical elements of the software that are challenging tasks. These challenging tasks require highly skilled and experienced professionals, such as the ones at Ecodelogic.

The Need for Deep Customization

Custom coding your app is a good idea when you require extensive customization. Businesses who are seeking to develop generic and straightforward software which supports routine functionality, such as emails, discussion forums, and file sharing, are “reinventing the wheel.” It’s also a good idea to go with custom coding when you can plug-in solutions from tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and others who provide advanced, scalable, and secure solutions, which are customizable to your business

However, the devil lies in the details. If your off-the-shelf software is not matured or modular enough, it can clog systems with additional options. In these types of situations, creating custom software can eliminate the excess and ensure unclogged software, optimized to the exact needs of the business.

The Challenges of Integration

In today’s society, data analytics is a valuable source and gives you a competitive advantage. Businesses need to ensure seamless integration of the software with other business systems, specifically the back office and finance systems.

The extra time and investment in having custom coding created can very well be worth the investment, especially when you consider the benefits of seamless integration. The developer would also need to consider the existing system when thinking about the blueprint for the software development project and ensure the new software functions smoothly within the current IT ecosystem.


Application software comes with regular updates, which will cost you less out of pocket. Also, if you get a quality product, you might receive outstanding customer support. However, sometimes, you might not receive an update for an extended period. Without regular updates, you could end up working with an outdated product that can leave a negative impact on your business.

With custom coding solutions, you have more freedom to make what you want when you want. You have complete control when it comes to the direction of your software. Therefore, you won’t have to wait for new releases and introductions to add features to your software. If you need an upgrade or want to make changes to your tasks and operations, you can get them done through custom software at any time.

In Conclusion

Building a solution just for your business with its specific requirements is always the right solution. Custom coding allows you to adapt your application and align it with your business process and not the other way around. When you require custom coding, look no further than the experts at Ecodelogic. We understand the intricacies that go into custom coding and ensure we build software that takes your business to the next level.