The startup and tech community are currently one of the most prominent scenes here in Orlando, and every day it continues to grow and evolve. Like the music and art scenes in Orlando, there are events you can attend, places you can go, and people you can meet, to get more plugged in. Getting involved in the tech community is a response to new and old residents of the city who are dying to know how to get better connected throughout Central Florida. Below are some ways in which people can become more connected within the tech community.

Church Street Exchange

The Church Street Exchange has become the epicenter of downtown Orlando’s tech scene. The Exchange building, which was has been redesigned from an old mall, was empty just a few years ago. Nowadays, the Exchange is home to Canvs, the Iron Yard (a code school), PowerDMS (a document management firm), and Plan Source (an hr and benefits tech firm). Furthermore, a lot of the tech scene meetups and events take place in the lobby of the Exchange.

Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are increasing all around Orlando in popularity and quantity. They have popped up all over downtown over the past couple of years, and there have been other coworking spaces that have expanded out to Winter Park.

Orlando downtown coworking spaces are just blocks from each other, and though they have similar models, they are each very different. Many entrepreneurs and techies bounce between coworking spaces. Whether it’s for a meeting or to attend events.

Industrious houses a vast number of startups in its Orange Ave location. This location is home to business professionals, tech startups, established SEO agencies (Get The Clicks), and mobile app development companies such as Ecodelogic. Industrious also houses many freelancers who are heavily engaged in the Orlando tech community. A lot of these coworking spaces offer tours, as well as free day passes.

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Melrose Center

The Melrose Center is an excellent meetup for Orange County techies. Located in the Central Orange County Library, the Melrose Center houses numerous creative resources like prototyping tools, 3D printers, and sound booths.

Coffee Shops

Designers and developers are to coffee as wildlife is to water. Throughout Orlando, you will see a multitude of tech people set up shop within close proximity of coffee. In-between stops at various coworking spaces and the library, make sure to stop by your local Orlando coffee shop to grab yourself a cup of java. If you’re looking to get involved in the tech community, a cup of coffee is a great way to start.

In Conclusion

Ecodelogic has been a proud supporter of Orlando’s tech community since our inception. We take pride in networking and staying engaged with people throughout the tech industry. In addition, it allows us to stay up-to-date with new and exciting technology that is being developed right here in Orlando. We also love talking with our fellow techies and sharing ideas because, at Ecodelogic, we believe rising water will make all boats float.