What is Appy Pie

Appy Pie is an online-based mobile app builder that allows their users to build apps with simple drag and drop steps. Appy Pie users don’t need any prior coding skills to build apps on this platform. In addition, a user doesn’t have to have any experience in app building as the Appy Pie platform offers numerous tools, resources, and guidelines that are simple to follow. The apps that are built on Appy Pie are compatible with most devices that include Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry. At the time a user finishes creating their app, they can publish their apps on all popular app stores and have the opportunity to monetize it. The app builder works best for individual businesses and small enterprises.

Benefits of Appy Pie

Appy Pie offers all the tools and features a user needs with no programming experience to build high-quality grade apps. A simple drag and drop feature along with simple point and click entry is all a user has to worry about when they are making their application. There is complex programming which runs the back-end of the app, but it doesn’t hinder the typical user as long as they work on a highly user-friendly interface.

Simplicity in the app-building is extended to simplicity in the working on the app. For instance, a business owner can easily expand the features of their app and add on extended features to facilitate their end-users. Then, users can add contact forms to the app and within those forms, integrate various functions such as touch calling, appointment scheduler, and QR codes.

Appy Pie’s free marketplace allows Android App Dev to publish their apps with no cost. They can also publish their apps on Google Play and iTunes (but you will have to upgrade to the paid package for this). Extending the app with additional features is extremely simple with Appy Pie. For instance, users can build customized forms for the end-users for better communication with them. Furthermore, users can display their sale items on the Appy Pie shopping cart; if they decide to operate an eCommerce business. The Appy Pie shopping cart allows the end-users to place orders in just a few quick steps.

Appy Pie Features

  • Cloud-based platform
  • App development without programming skills
  • App analytics and reports
  • Monetization of the apps
  • App revisions
  • Real-time app updates
  • App publishing on Google Play and iTunes

Get Creative

Appy Pie is simple to use but is remarkably versatile enough for an individual to create sophisticated yet thoughtful designs. Entrepreneurs and their staff can add features and further customize their app with their creativity as their limit.


It’s Appy Pie’s mission to provide small and medium-sized businesses the resources to integrate the latest and greatest technologies. Therefore, the company has taken it a step further by introducing an e-wallet feature for its users. With this newly added feature, app owners will have complete control over their payment system. It will assist them in delivering better customer experience and receive payments, without any unnecessary hassle. The e-wallet feature also lets app users add money, make payments, and purchase products and services while on the go.

If you are not sure if Appy Pie is the right solution for you, contact our Orlando Mobile App Development team to help you make the best programming selection possible.