You want to manage your marketing and sales with a good Customer Relations Manager software. This is a must for any business but the challenge lies in finding a good CRM. People might swear by Hubspot, but just like any system, Hubspot has its pros and cons. In this guide, we’ll go over the pros and cons for you to help you make the right choice for your CRM.

Pros of the Hubspot CRM

Hubspot is a cloud-based software which includes a whole hub of services that will help you with marketing, sales, and other aspects of your business. This type of software won’t work for everyone, but might just be a great option for you to generate more leads with your team.

All-In-One Platform

Part of what makes Hubspot such a great system is that it really does have everything all in one place. You can work with marketing, sales, and customer support all in one place, with free CRM software for everyone on your sales team. They’ll be able to help with email marketing, social media management, and customer service without the need to switch between applications.


You don’t need to pay more to customize Hubspot to work for you. You can customize elements to include what’s important to your business. Some examples are drop down menus, or perhaps you like checklists. You’re able to choose how you store your information for your records and how you would like to view your information.

Customer Service

People might like your product or service, but many are often unforgiving when it comes to poor customer service. You’ll like how Hubspot can help you with customer service then, since this tool makes it easier for you to incorporate your marketing strategy into your help desk. Use the ticketing and the shared inboxes between your team so that you can stay on top of every customer question and complaint.

Cons of the Hubspot CRM

It Takes Effort

Using Hubspot may be easy after you have it set up, but it does take some effort and time at the beginning. While it’s easy to set up a newsletter to mail out automatically, it will still take you time to set up a good marketing plan, and will require you to have a team to work on it. However, everything has a learning curve when you first get started. Hubspot tries to make it as user-friendly as possible.

The Expense

Yes, Hubspot is free. You can download it for free, and it will include a few additional tools. However, you need to know that the features you get to enjoy will be very limited in the free version. This means that you’ll only be able to use it for the most basic things. As your business grows, you may find that you’ll need to put more money into it for it to keep working for you. For a CRM that truly helps you scale your business, the investment might be very worth it indeed.

Lack of Flexibility

You can do a lot with Hubspot, but you don’t have a lot of flexibility to adjust your plan or contract with them as you go on. Once you agree to your contract, like six months or twelve months, you’re locked into that. You also can’t cancel your service early, or get a refund. You will be billed until you’ve paid off the contract. Make sure that you test out their free trial first and that you are clear in your decision to use them.

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In Summary

You have a lot of options when it comes to your CRM software, so it only makes sense that you might be considering Hubspot which is one of the top CRMs in the industry. Hubspot includes a lot of features that can help streamline your business processes, but keep the cost and its capabilities in mind before you sign up. You might find that the free version does everything you need it to do at this point in your business. 

Over the counter software are limited in the sense that you can’t exactly customize everything to your business’ needs. If you want your very own custom CRM software, consult Ecodelogic – we are a quality software development company in Orlando. Call us today to see how we can help your business.