Software development projects have become the new endeavor of our technological age where innovation quickly progresses and software developers are always busy working to finish their jobs in the most efficient way.

While there is the will, things don’t always go as planned. According to a study led by Geneca, 75 percent of businesses and IT executives have reported that their projects were already shaky from the start.

Why Software Development Projects Fail

To avoid risking slowing down the project from the very beginning, check out these 5 reasons why software development projects fail, and how to avoid these pitfalls.

Resistance to Change

Software development is a fast progressing and ever changing environment. To adjust to this fast paced and fast thinking space, project managers need to react quickly and adapt to new solutions the moment they encounter a problem. This method of working is called Agile software development.

Unfortunately, many are resistant to change because it involves flexible responses and rapid adjustment to new solutions.

It’s important for all team members including project managers to work with Agile and get better results. However, changing goals too often may also lead to miscommunication and end up in a complete failure.

Like everything, balance is key.


A lot of software development is about team communication and management-client communication. If one of them goes wrong, the project is either slowed down, jeopardized or failed. Unclear requirements take a toll on the entirety of the project and guarantees failure.

To keep this from happening, it’s crucial to identify holes in the communication process, both internally and externally, and never assume that everyone is on the same page. You want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable in expressing their concerns and expectations to ensure a smooth process, and plan adequately.

Not Enough Time

In software development, it’s important to define a timeline and honor that timeline. Of course, not everything goes as planned and there may be bumps along the way. The issue arises when timelines are decided without consulting programmers, and then they are stuck rushing the process at the last minute for the sake of completing the project as promised.

Giving unrealistic deadlines and expectations can also affect your budget, your relationship with customers and your team.

In order to avoid this, the team as a whole should plan together before entering the programming phase. Putting the necessary time into planning will avoid a lot of headaches.

Closing the Deal Too Quickly

Making unrealistic and false promises to clients can severely jeopardize the working relationship. Unfortunately, some developers might be tempted to close the deal quickly.

Without properly going through the planning with the client, developers risk breaking their commitment, which in turns breaks the existing trust. Developers needs to be transparent and honest from the beginning to the end. To do so, instead of over-promising, they should be honest and aim to exceed the clients’ expectations.

Lack of Budget

Setting a low initial budget without considering the actual project requirements and cost will slow down the whole process. By allocating little budget compared to the needs of the project, a company could be sacrificing quality over cost. This, unfortunately, could incur even more expensive costs in the long run.

If you want your project to be successful, look for a team that is willing to work within your budget and project requirements, and think about what it will take to get the results you need.

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In Summary

Software development isn’t an easy task. It has constantly changed over the years through technological developments and is a service that is very much in demand. There are many reasons why these projects fail but it doesn’t mean that you will fail. Reflect on these challenges and take a look at the recommendations on how to avoid these problems to have peace of mind when you start the process of your software development.

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