When it comes to business relationships, your customers are the core focus. Without your customers, you wouldn’t have your business – it’s as simple as that. With that said, businesses also have to focus on making it easier for their customers to interact with their staff and company. Businesses with top-notch CRM are more likely to have a high customer loyalty and adoption rate, making it an essential part of your business.

While there are many ready-made software on the market, have you considered a custom CRM solution instead? Some businesses may use different tactics and the ready-made CRM solution you buy may fit theirs better than yours.

Here are a few of the reasons you should lean towards a custom CRM as opposed to the ready-made ones.

Avoid Per-User Pricing

Most ready-made CRMs charge monthly and on a per-user basis. While the monthly cost may not seem that bad initially, it adds up throughout the year. You don’t even get your money’s worth as most CRM software won’t offer everything your business needs.

As for the per-user pricing structure, what happens when someone in marketing needs to access the software just for a short-term project? You have to pay to add a user. Your salespeople may need access constantly so it seems reasonable, but when your sales team grows and someone from another department needs access, the price slowly creeps up.

With a custom-made solution, you’re able to add a set number of users for either one simple price or at no extra cost.

Easier to Integrate and Train

When your business has a custom CRM that contains all the applications you need, it makes staff training and software integration much easier. Instead of learning the ins and outs of multiple sites and applications, your staff only need to learn one system that includes all the necessary applications.

It’s always hard to switch software systems, but when you integrate a custom CRM, it’s easier to teach and get everyone into the habit of using it. Your employees will see it as an upgrade when everything is easily confined in one location. They will be able to navigate it much quicker than switching to a different ready-made CRM solution.


Custom CRM systems are able to adapt to your business needs. As your business grows or you need to implement more apps, a custom solution is easy to adjust and add on to. When you use a ready-made solution, you pay exorbitant prices to add just one minor feature.

Not only can you add new features for much lower prices, you’re also able to customize the system for different departments. By choosing a more adaptable option, your staff can have tailored software that makes their work easier and improves their workflow overall.

Top Features You’ll Receive

With that all said, what are some of the features a custom CRM can include? You know it can include just about anything you could ever want, but what are some of the basic features you’re guaranteed to receive?

Easy Customer Contact

Whether it’s by email or phone call, all basic CRM software have a way to easily contact customers. As part of your package, you may receive a custom email and call system within your custom CRM solution tailored to reach your customers the best way your business can. The nice part about choosing a custom CRM is that you get to choose what platform you choose: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or any other email base.

All Inclusive Management & Reporting

If it needs to be managed, it can be included! Anything from document management to marketing management, your custom CRM will always have the ability to manage all of your departments. Sales are easily tracked in the way your sales department needs and marketing is able to manage the various strategies they try.

Reports are made easily available too as all information is kept in one place. By choosing to customize your CRM, you make it easier for staff to pull accurate information out and into their reports.

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In Summary

Ultimately, it comes down to what is really best for your company. Hiring Ecodelogic, a reliable software development company in Orlando, to design a custom CRM software for you sets your business up for success. It keeps things simple and easy to learn for new staff members while remaining reliable for senior staff members. With a custom CRM, you open new doors for your business and streamline your processes.